8 Ways To Earn Money Online From Mobile For Free (100% Legit)

A smartphone may be used to generate revenue.

Finding a decent concept for generating money online is all that is required.

It’s impossible to envision a modern individual who doesn’t have a smartphone.

According to British experts, persons under the age of 30 spend 5 hours every day on their smartphones.

Today, all human actions are linked to the phone: we watch movies, check emails, chat, check social networks, handle job problems, and rest on it.

In short, we carry our smartphones with us everywhere.

And, if so, why not profit from it?

Anyone can make money on the phone online, even if they don’t have any specific abilities or a lot of spare time.

Because your smartphone is constantly with you, you can always find time for a part-time job.

How can you make money with your phone?

Watching films, reading email, surfing the web, playing games, and conversing on forums and social networks are all examples.

Any of these activities might provide you with a source of money.

It is sufficient to select a high-quality program and carry out simple activities.

Let’s take a look at 10 methods to generate money with your phone now.

1. Installing and testing applications

Is anyone getting paid for this? Yes, and here is why. Developers of apps and games want their products to appear at the top of the ratings on Google Play and the App Store, and their position in the top is directly related to the number of installs and ratings. The higher the rating, the more downloads there are. This is promotion for them, and increased cash for you.

Your task does not end with downloading and installing the app.

Often, you will be assigned many duties at the same time, such as writing a review, rating the program, checking for mistakes, and so on.

You may find orders by using specific services such as Apperwall, AdvertApp, AppBonus, PayForInstall, and others.

These providers provide a restricted number of applications each day to its consumers.

So, if you want to boost the quantity of work orders, we propose employing a combination of services.

Of course, you won’t make much money from this, but an extra $30-40 is entirely achievable.

2. Dispatcher or operator

Many businesses are searching for someone to work from home and communicate with clients. Call centre operators, taxi dispatchers, delivery service, telephone sales, and support professionals all require a phone to work and may make $250-350 per month.

3. Virtual assistant

Many businesses want assistance with their job, such as purchasing airline tickets, dealing with reviews, checking emails, locating relevant information, answering phone calls, and so on.

A virtual assistant is a common job nowadays, especially in the blogging community.

Many prominent bloggers are willing to subcontract minor tasks to a personal assistant, such as direct answers, ad site searches, and ad purchasing.

You can earn between $150-450 depending on the amount of duties delegated to the virtual assistant.

You can work with many employers if the number of tasks is low.

4. Earnings through applications

There are several applications that might produce extra revenue. As examples, consider the following:

YouDo – freelance app

The application is aimed to connect freelancers and customers. You may encounter assignments and professionals from a variety of sectors here, including personal services, courier delivery, and teaching. Popular occupations include computer assistant, virtual assistant, designer, courier, and housekeeper.

The contractor may handle not just one-time requests, but also long term tasks.

The key benefit of the application is that there are few performers and a large number of orders, implying that there is essentially no rivalry.

Customers select a performance based on the pricing and rating.

With each completed order, the performer’s rating rises.

You can apply for many jobs, but bear in mind that in order to react to the assignment, you must pay a one-time cost or obtain an unlimited membership.

As a result, it is worthwhile to accept orders worth more than $15.

There is also no maximum restriction on the value of orders: there are orders ranging from $150 to  $450.

With this app, you may locate repeat clients and continue working with them outside of the app.

BEMYEYE – Secret auditor app

This is where orders are placed to find a “mystery shopper” to manage chain stores’ points of sale. The operating premise is as follows: you open a map of your city, choose a task, and start a mission. Typically, you must take pictures of the product, verify for stock availability, speak with merchants, and evaluate the quality of service. They pay $15-20 for one assignment, but more expensive missions are available to people with a good rating – some pay up to $20.

To receive this money, you must follow all of the assignment’s requirements.

Because of the discrepancies, the client may decline the charge and delegate the task to another auditor.

5. Creating social media content

A modern smartphone is essentially a pocket-sized computer.

It allows you to create text, capture and process photographs and videos.

If you’re a copywriter, try writing for social media.

You can generate money by processing visual content if you possess image processing and video editing software.

On average, one post text costs $10, and photo processing starts at $3.

The level of video editing and creative production is substantially greater.

Such services are frequently used by large blogs. As a result, you may profit not just from single orders, but also from ongoing collaboration.

6. Consulting and online sales

Online retailers and other businesses are frequently searching for someone to engage with consumers online: accepting orders, counselling, and providing technical assistance. There are no particular skills or academic requirements. Employees typically receive early training in the company where they will work. They are taught remotely and take 2-4 weeks to complete. You may earn between $150 and $450. There are, nevertheless, positions with a wage or greater.

7. Task execution through apps.

This sort of work will not pay well, but it will suffice as a side job.

We’re talking about smartphone apps that provide a list of simple internet chores.

Such chores are referred to be “turks.”

The primary duties are roughly as follows: download the game and provide a review; watch a promotional video; register on the site; join a FB group, and so on.

The principle of earning money is straightforward: you do the assignment, and you get compensated.

Viewing adverts costs between 1 cent to 3 cents every 30 seconds.

Installing the game on the phone will get you between 10 cents to $1.

Filling out the questionnaire costs between 5 cents to $1.

As you can see, there are several duties, and the fee varies according to their intricacy.

As a result, you might make $1-5 every day.

8. Consulting and technical support

You may make money on phone consultations if you are a professional and expert in any subject. Psychologists, stylists, programmers, attorneys, and a variety of other professionals can benefit from telephone counselling and training.

You may find clients by using websites and services.


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