6 Fiverr Gigs that require no skills & Zero Knowledge

As a Fiverr seller, you may provide these items and services in exchange for cash.

You will get paid at least $ 5 with every order, but you might earn more.

Thousands of people look for gigs on the platform, which has been active since 2009.

So, whether you have a gift for grammar, a flair for graphic design, or a flair for WordPress, you may utilise Fiverr to supplement your income.

However, technological skills and understanding are not required to generate money on Fiverr.

Anyone may make money on Fiverr by doing simple activities that don’t need special skills or knowledge.

And you don’t have to have one of Fiverr’s best-selling jobs to make money.

Yes, people will pay you to write a message on your face or body and photograph you for promotional purposes.

This might entail designing a customer’s logo, website or company name, slogan, and so on.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re comfortable with the process, you can make quick cash on Fiverr.

Many new firms and startups actually pay people on Fiverr to generate brand names for their new venture.

1. Create video testimonials.

Testimonial videos are one of the most popular types of gigs on Fiverr. Video testimonials are in high demand, particularly among business owners. Companies are often searching for someone to generate high-quality video reviews of their products or services or to serve as a spokesperson for their business.

The client will inform you of what they require you to say in the video.

All you need is a camera and a location to film your video. You can use a smartphone with an excellent camera if you have one.

However, whatever you decide to use to capture your movie, make sure the space is sufficiently lighted. Sit near a source of natural light if possible, as this will increase the video quality.

If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, testimonial videos are a simple way to earn money on Fiverr.

2. Do voiceovers.

If you’ve been informed that you have a wonderful voice, you may work as a voice artist on this website.

Buyers on Fiverr frequently want voiceovers and narration for YouTube videos, audiobooks, podcasts, advertisements, and other projects.

The customer will advise you of the sort of voice you want and, in general, will offer you with a script.

To record the voiceover, all you need is a microphone and recording software, both of which are readily available nowadays.

When you first start off, you may utilise your PC’s built-in microphone, and then you can upgrade to better equipment as you gain experience.

It’s a simple enough profession to earn money from, and you might earn much more if you add extras like accents and script changes.

3. Be a virtual assistant.

Bloggers, website owners, company owners, and a variety of other people are seeking for someone to assist them with activities that they just do not have time to complete on their own.

Fiverr customers are always seeking for virtual assistants, whether it’s for scheduling Twitter posts or inputting data.

As a virtual assistant, you might make significant money if you are trustworthy, simple to contact with, and provide handy services.

People often require virtual assistants to assist them with tasks such as typing, data input, research, email management, social media management, and more.

Being a virtual assistant requires more time and effort than other Fiverr services, so it’s not the quickest method to make additional money.

4. Blog commenter.

Do you like reading the blog posts?

If you do, you may make money just by leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

Buyers on Fiverr are searching for sellers to put comments on their blog articles or links to their blog on other people’s blogs in a relevant area.

For example, you may say, “I will write five comments every day on your site by next week.”

Alternatively, “I will discover blogs in your niche and write appropriate comments with a link to your blog.”

Blog commenting is a quick and straightforward work, however some of the backlink comment tasks may require some knowledge of anchor text.

5. Website tester.

You might get money as a website tester if you know how to use the internet.

Startups, new blogs, and even existing websites want to know if your website is user-friendly.

That implies a website owner may pay you to merely visit their site and report back to them on your findings.

In general, you will just need to look for simple factors like as the website’s ease of navigation, if the site’s design is appealing, and the user’s overall ease of use.

This indicates that no technical abilities are required to accomplish this task.

Some consumers will request that you utilise screen capture software to document your experience, which you can readily download for free.

6. Social media promoter.

Social media has evolved into a vital component of digital marketing. Everyone, from blogs to large corporations, wants to establish a strong presence and boost their exposure on social media.

Whether you need Facebook likes or tweets for a huge audience, Fiverr customers are willing to pay you to assist with your social media marketing strategy.

On social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can simply create a gig to give likes.

Furthermore, if you have a huge following, you might earn money just by mentioning the company on your social media networks.

Which Fiverr gig is the greatest place to start?

I don’t believe there is a single or a few that can be called the best.

On Fiverr, any gig can be a terrific money maker.

Fiverr may be a wonderful way to supplement your income, especially if you limit yourself to projects that take minimal expertise and effort, or something you are already familiar with.

To make money on Fiverr, you must be consistent and build your reviews.

This may turn Fiverr into a lucrative source of money.

Indeed, some people earn hundreds of thousands every month simply by doing gigs on this site.


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