How to Make Money on TikTok? 5 Easy Strategies

Earning money on TikTok is achievable if you have a significant number of followers, have become a star on this social network, and use an appropriate method.

TikTok is the most rapidly developing social network in recent years, focusing on the production and distribution of short movies with sound and musical effects. As a result, it has become extremely popular, particularly among the young.

If you’re a lover of this app, I’ll explain how to make money with TikTok and the actions you’ll need to do to monetize your audience.

Earn coins with TikTok

TikTok is the only well-known social network that allows users to give money directly to the individuals they follow.

If you are over the age of 14 and have more than 1,000 followers, you may produce live videos to engage with your audience, and your followers can give you presents that you can convert into money.

There are eight basic gift selections ranging from one coin to one thousand coins.

These coins may only be gained by purchasing them with money via the app.

When a user who has already purchased these coins offers you presents, they turn into diamonds that remain in your account and may be exchanged for real money to withdraw via PayPal.

The price of TikTok coins and the value of diamonds vary based on the area and currency used by users, and it should be noted that the app is left with around 50% of the change from coins to presents and from gifts to diamonds.

Although this is a simple way for sending money using TikTok, people will not pay you easily.

You must have a large number of followers who respect your work on this social network and desire to help you in this way.

You can withdraw money to your account as soon as you have 100 dollars in diamonds, and up to a maximum of $1,000 every week.

How to Get TikTok Coins Sent to You?

If you have a large number of followers that watch your streams, you may offer to follow them and promote their social networks in exchange for coins.

Another approach is to offer to complete tasks in exchange for a particular quantity of coins.

Work with brands

You may collaborate with businesses who want to pay you for partnerships here, just like you can on other more established networks like Instagram.

Make contact with businesses on your own.

You may search for corporations and brands on your own, checking to see whether they have a TikTok profile or email address in order to contact them and propose a cooperation.

If you are not a well-known figure on this social network, they will most likely not give you much credit.

If you are just starting out and have a favorite brand that you believe would appeal to your target audience, you may market it for free.

When you provide them with perks, people will begin to take notice, and you may even draw a competing brand that will make you an offer.

Advertisers are much easier to locate when they can see the job you perform and the advantages you can provide them.


Another option to engage with brands is through affiliates, which are companies that pay you a commission for each sale or customer you bring in.

Discounts on special orders.

Many firms provide tailored discount codes to influencers and then pay them a commission on each sale they generate using that discount.

Tracked hyperlinks

However, trackable links are the primary means through which affiliate marketing operates.

That instance, if a person clicks on the link you provide and then purchases the goods, cookies and similar technology recognize that they came through you and you receive the commission.

Make a blog and ask your target audience to visit it.

As I previously stated, there are numerous platforms that provide hundreds of affiliate programs, but many only operate with blogs or web pages and not social networks, and TikTok does not allow you to publish links.

If you create a blog and have a large number of followers, you may lead them there.

Consider a unique theme for your blog. Yes, you do need to devise a decent plan here.

TikTok allows you to keep a watch on your users as they do dances and other silliness; nevertheless, in order to create a blog, you must go a step further and consider doing something truly unique.

The best situation is to perform something you enjoy, something trendy, something linked to what you are studying, cooking.

Sell your handmade items and products.

You may also build your own merchandise and sell it on your website or via services that allow you to do so.

T-shirts and personalized items

You may sell t-shirts, masks, mugs, and other things with your unique brand or style for your audience.


You may manufacture crafts, present them to your audience, and sell them on, and you can even earn money by promoting things from other influencers who sell on your website.

 Paintings and priceless items

If you are an artist who paints images, you may sell your work on websites such as Catawiki, and showcase your work on TikTok to get the customers.

But, please, don’t even consider taking your grandmother’s jewels and selling it there.


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