How To Make Money With Envato Affiliate Program?

Have you been looking for information on how to make money with Envato Affiliate program? Then this fantastically thorough post is for you.

Many consumers are perplexed when they sign up to be an Envato affiliate marketer since Envato employs Impact Radius to track their affiliate marketer’s traffic, conversion, commission, and so on.

Advantages of becoming an Envato affiliate marketer.

  • You’ll get paid a lot of money for every successful sale you make using your affiliate link.
  • Envato’s affiliate network accepts new affiliate marketers quickly.
  • Your earnings will be deposited into your local bank.
  • You can find affiliates for any product you want to market.
  • You may advertise an infinite number of goods on Envato.

How to earn money through Envato Affiliates?

Envato affiliate program targets these groups of people in order to increase the promotion of their products.

Become a blogger.

You can create a blog or website centered around website building that can be used to market Envato products and earn those sweet commissions.

Envato offers a diverse selection of items that may be used to monetize your noble audience.

Become a YouTuber.

You can create a YouTube channel, Pinterest profile, or TikTok account in the graphic, web design, or videography industry, you can earn money for yourself by simply advertising Envato items using your referral link.

Become an Envato Author.

You can become an Envato Author and may make extra money by joining as an Envato affiliate marketer and referring new users to the program.

Share your affiliate links on Social media.

A great way to quickly start earning from Envato Affiliates is via social media. You can help your friend or join groups in your niche to promote your links. However, be sure to not spam as it will quickly get you banned.

Product categories that you may advertise as an Envato affiliate marketer.

Envato powers three distinct product categories that promise to be suitable for any business that you wish to monetise with the Envato affiliate network.

1. Envato elements.

This category has millions of creative materials and limitless downloads that may be obtained for a very low cost.

Subscribers in this category will be able to obtain graphic, web, and video templates, audio, images, and other materials. This category is labelled “The limitless creative subscription.”

You may earn up to $120 as an Envato affiliate marketer in this category for qualified yearly subscriptions and up to $60 for eligible monthly subscribers.

2. Placeit by Envato.

Placeit by Envato is an easy-to-use DIY design platform that allows users of all skill levels to create amazing designs, logos, mockups, and videos directly from their browser in seconds.

Envato affiliate marketers that advertise items in this category and a user subscribes using his unique affiliate link will earn $50 on new yearly subscriptions, $20 on new monthly subscribers, and 50% on one-time transactions.

3. Envato market.

This Envato program category is labelled “The world’s largest creative marketplace.”

Envato Market sells anything from WordPress themes and plugins to Photoshop actions and video layouts.

You’ll earn a 30% commission on the first purchase you refer if you produce a legitimate sale using your referral link.

How can I sign up to become an Envato affiliate marketer?

I hope I’ve provided you some knowledge about the areas covered by the Envato affiliate program.

We suggest that you sign up for the three categories since you may notice a chance to monetize a product in one of these categories in the future.

  • Go to ThemeForest and go down to the footer of the page to register as an Envato affiliate marketer.
  • Click on “Become an affiliate”.
  • When you click “Become an affiliate,” you will be sent to the Envato affiliate website. Here you may choose a program that you want to join right now.
  • To proceed with your registration, click on join program.
  • Please keep in mind that joining Envato market will only enable you to promote items that are listed on Envato market.
  • Impact Radius powers the Envato affiliate program. When you click Join program, you will be brought to the Imapct Radius website, where you must complete out the registration form in order to proceed.
  • Fill out all of the required fields and then click Sign Up.
  • If you’ve already registered with Impact, simply click Sign in to finish your Envato affiliate marketer application request.
  • Envato affiliate marketer successful registration.
  • After successfully registering, we propose that you join the Envato elements affiliate network and the Placeit by Envato affiliate programme so that you may advertise any Envato product, independent of category.
  • If you are eligible, the Envato affiliate team will assess your application and approve you within three days.
  • Then you can create affiliate links for any product you want to advertise and earn a percentage on every legitimate sale that comes via your affiliate link.

What are the promotional items provided by Envato?

When your application is accepted, you will be allowed to advertise this company’s products using your standard Envato affiliate links, banners, and text.

You may also produce affiliates for a certain product of your choice.

Can I earn money using the Envato Affiliate program?

Yes! Envato gives a generous commission on every legitimate sale made through your affiliate link.

Your commission will be awarded to you as soon as the user you recommended makes a payment for a product.


I hope you have learnt everything regarding how to make money with Envato Affiliate program.

With the above steps you will be quickly able to register on the network.

Remember to sign up for the three types of affiliate programs that Envato manages so that you may advertise any Envato product.

If you have any questions or comments about this topic, please leave them in the comments section.


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