My Best 5 Crypto Projects For Earning Passive Income

It seems too good to be true, but these cryptocurrencies are equally promising in their own right and should hence appreciate in value.

So, you’re putting your money into two distinct earning strategies at the same time.

It is the driving force behind financial success because it saves you the most valuable resource of all: time.

In this situation, you make a one-time investment and then get money on an ongoing basis without having to put up any work of your own.

There isn’t a better method to put your money to use.

Of course, the amount you pay monthly is not very high, and it also depends on the size of your position, but it is still a fantastic chance because you don’t have to do anything other than invest. Imagine lying on the beach sipping a mango shake in a few years and knowing that all you have to do is wait an hour for the cost of the shake to return inside.


Let’s begin with the most well-known: NEO.

NEO is often known as the Chinese Ethereum and, as the name implies, is a platform for decentralised apps.

Decentralized apps, on the other hand, are apps that operate on a blockchain and so belong to no one except buyers and sellers.

An intermediary instance, such as Apple’s iTunes or Google’s Play Store, that regulates what is published, restricted, or regulated, as well as how, where, and under what terms.

Furthermore, a decentralized app cannot be hacked or pirated, and it will be offered at a lesser price because the NEO platform’s share is tiny.

Unlike ether, the NEO cryptocurrency is now a component of the platform of the same name.

Anyone who has NEO owns a piece of the NEO blockchain, and GAS is given to them on a regular basis, which is the objective.

Because gas is the actual coin, it is the fuel required by anybody who want to provide something on the NEO platform.

The payout from NEO-GAS remains low, equating to an annual return of 5-8 percent, but it is far from everything, because even if this return does not change, every investor will gain enormously from a price increase in GAS and NEO:

Assuming we acquired 10 NEOs for $100 a few months ago and they are worth $2000 after a year (which can be computed inexpensively), we have not only go the actual 5-7% but also multiplied our principal by 20x.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have gotten into NEO so early, and no one knows what the future holds, but let us suppose that NEO will eventually reach a unit price of $1000, which is not inconceivable. If we purchase it today for $200, we will still have a higher-than-average return while still owning a piece of the NEO blockchain.


The PAY money is part of the TenX project and has recently encountered serious problems, despite the fact that everything appeared to be going swiftly for a long period.

The brains behind TenX were able to put out a debit card that could be used to issue crypto coins.

The whole thing operated like a bank card and could be used at any Visa machine for a nominal cost.

So far, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DASH have been interoperable, and work has been done on implementing well-known ERC20 tokens – currencies that employ Ethereum technology.

Although the TenX card made it possible to buy with crypto currencies everywhere (Aldi, McDonald’s, Amazon, etc.), Visa later rendered this impossible, which is why the entire project has been restarted.

There must be a long way to go to -Companies by TenX alone, and this will take a long time.

But why am I including all of this information in this article?

The linked cryptocurrency, PAY, on the other hand, pays dividends.

0.5% of the total value of the coins possessed.

Even if the company’s lofty aims are met over the next several years, that’s not much at the present.

However, the fact that TenX is presently in a big crisis may be exploited, since if the TenX PAY token does, as projected, suffer a significant price drop, this provides a fantastic chance to purchase new tokens.


Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that is still in its early stages. Everything is still in its early stages, but Kucoin provides an intriguing concept: 50% of trading fees are handed out to users. There is a 40% commission for affiliates and 50% to those who own a stake in Kucoin by signing up with the Stock up on cryptocurrency “Kucoin Shares = KCS.”

Because the 50% trading fees are always paid in the currency in which the deal occurred, the value of the fee shares received grows in accordance with the various currencies. At present, there isn’t much going on, but if Kucoin succeeds and soon becomes one of the top ten exchanges, the number of payouts will, of course, alter.

Furthermore, the Kucoin Shares have an inherent value that will rise with the widespread adoption of Kucoin. There are additional compelling reasons to utilize Kucoin, such as the availability of several currencies that would otherwise be impossible to obtain, such as XRB, AGI, and DBC. Kucoin adds new currencies rapidly and is thus highly popular as an exchange because its main competition is not moving fast enough. As a result, it is worthwhile to keep a watch on Kucoin and Kucoin Shares.


VeChain is a platform for businesses, dApps / ICOs, services, and data. The blockchain technology will be linked to real-world application cases. This should be ensured by a strong infrastructure for data management and IoT solutions, as well as answers to challenges such as data fraud and manipulation, as well as other services.

To earn passive revenue with VeChain, either the VeChain tokens or a masternode (+10,000 VET 2) must be established.

Annual dividends of 11 to 20% will be paid to you in the future.

The amount of passive revenue you receive is determined on whether you stake VeChain or run a masternode (+10,000 VeChain).

It may be advantageous to accumulate VeChain till then in order to reap the future big rewards.

It should be noted, however, that the dividend may be reduced in future.


Neblio is a blockchain platform that aims to be appealing to businesses and organizations. The project bills itself as the blockchain equivalent for Windows or Macintosh. Neblio is a platform for executing software applications on a blockchain.

To stake Neblio, you must first utilise the core wallet, unlock it, and then store NEBL on it.

As soon as you do this, automatic staking begins, and you will collect 10.5 percent yearly dividends.

However, NEBL staking is more sophisticated than that of other PoS currencies and more analogous to a lottery.

Whether and when you get NEBL dividends is determined by a number of variables.


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