The Easiest Way To Mine Cryptocurrency At Home

Most individuals interested in the crypto industry have pondered mining some of their own cryptocurrency at some time, and many have done so. This procedure, however, is not for everyone.

Many people may find the venture undesirable due to many technological needs and profit constraints, but it does not imply it is impossible. This is why we have put together a list of some of the simplest methods to get started with crypto mining right now.

Why mine?

The mining has two functions. One apparent advantage of creating your own coin is that it saves you money. Even if they are minor, being able to get coins that you helped generate may be satisfying. Another option is to increase the security of a project’s blockchain. Simply knowing that you are helping to secure the network may generate a feeling of pride in many people.

All of this being said, if one lacks the necessary gear to be an effective member of a certain network, it can be a minor barrier to admission. Other currencies, however, are explicitly meant to be more accessible than others, and some initiatives strive to circumvent technical barriers.

There are other possibilities based on the degree of control you desire and the sort of performance you are okay with, but we will focus on some of the most accessible ways to get started in mining as soon as possible. So let’s delve a little further.

Easier and faster solutions.

These are alternatives for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty with the practicalities. Compensation is a lack of control and, in most cases, a one-time or recurring price for the service. Still, for some, this may be the amount of engagement you seek!


This is the simplest way to mine coins. Coinmine is a gadget that you connect in, sync with an app, and begin mining for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, or Grin. Isn’t it too wonderful to be true? The issue is the $ 700 price tag.

Given that this miner will only earn pennies in crypto every day, and even if you don’t account for power (which you should), it might be years before you’ve paid for the gadget.

That is assuming that there is no increase in the hash rate of these networks or any advancements in mining technology, which is absolutely unlikely. So, while this is a terrific method to get started quickly, it will not make you “crypto-rich” anytime soon.


Honeyminer is an easy method for new users to get started mining with a pool. Anyone may sign up, install the program, and begin mining cryptocurrencies with their computer’s CPU / GPU.

An algorithm selects the most profitable currencies to mine and then converts all profits to Bitcoin for payout. While earning some satoshis might be a pretty simple procedure, there are some drawbacks.

For starters, the program is presently only accessible for Windows and Mac, but this will not be a major issue for many people. Another issue is that Honeyminer, of course, gets a cut of your revenues. The cost is now 8% if you run one GPU and 2.5 % if you run two or more.

As a result, having a more sophisticated platform is obviously more profitable. If you find the fee to be reasonable for your needs, this might be a terrific way to become involved with little effort or risk.

Cloud Mining.

If you don’t want to mine on your own gear, cloud mining is an appealing alternative for many. This entails purchasing a contract with a provider, who will then mine cryptocurrency on your behalf using their own gear. Customers are paid on a regular basis in the cryptocurrency for which they sign up.

Companies like as Hashflare and Genesis Mining exclusively provide these sorts of programs, but keep in mind that, as with Coinmine, the initial cost will determine how long it takes to become genuinely lucrative. There are occasionally free cloud mining programs available, such as crypto exchange StormGain’s service, which may be more suitable for beginning users.

More practical solutions.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, there are still plenty of coins to be mined with a powerful CPU and/or GPU. We will skip ASIC-based platforms in this essay because the emphasis is on beginning with what you have now.

That being stated, whatever you choose to mine, you will want to set up mining software and connect it to a mining pool. You can do it on your own, but utilising pools is often easier for novices and yields better results.

Depending on the operating system you are running, you may have various software options, and you will most likely want to upgrade your graphics card drivers, unless you already have or are solely sticking to CPU mining. Because the steps for each coin will be slightly different, we’ll give links to helpful information to get you started.

Some of the most common currencies that can be mined with most contemporary PCs are as follows:

1) Dogecoin.

Despite its reputation as a “meme” project, Dogecoin is one of the simplest coin forks to mine. It can be mined with either a CPU or a GPU, although the GPU is far more efficient. Although there are a few additional methods, most are retrieved using cgMiner or cudaMiner software.

2) Monero.

It may also be mined with either a CPU or a GPU. xmr-stak is the most extensively used mining program. The project is dedicated to remaining ASIC-resistant.

3) Bitcoin Gold.

Another Bitcoin fork, the objective of this effort was to allow anyone to mine Bitcoin without ASICs again, however the focus is primarily on GPU mining. EWBF, Gminer, and Lolminer are some of the most popular miners for this coin.

4) Vertcoin.

Vertcoin, once again focusing solely on GPU mining, aspires to be exceedingly simple to operate with its ‘One Click Miner’. Please keep in mind that if your GPU is not up to current with the newest drivers, the miner may not run, and some integrated graphics cards are not supported.


There are obviously many additional coins to investigate, but the mining procedure for many of them will be similar to the projects listed here. Unfortunately, there is no genuine ‘one-step’ solution (though Coinmine and Vertcoin are doing their best), and in general, the more control you give a platform, the more you can expect to be snubbed.

Still, with the knowledge presented here, you should be able to take your initial steps toward assisting in the protection of the network of your choosing while earning some bitcoin in the process.


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