Top 10 Crypto Gaming Projects

The digital revolution is consuming the world we previously knew, and the transition is massive and rapid. The world is being taken over by digital currencies at an alarming rate, and the term “crypto” is no longer foreign to people.

As digital currencies replace traditional methods of earning bitcoin, other ways to earn cryptocurrency emerge, and now that it’s all being merged into the gaming industry, Finally, it’s time that we take a break from bagging and look at the top ten crypto games to invest in in 2022.


Satoshi’s Games’ online multiplayer battle royale game allows users to receive a monetary penalty or a reward for every interaction with other players.

Etheremon immerses you in a world populated by Ether monsters, which you can catch, teach, and sell like crypto creatures. Etheremon differs from previous crypto games in that players communicate with one another directly using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain rather than through a single server.

Etheremon has lately been brimming with new features such as the Town system, Guild Battle, and Ring Arena, which raises the game’s likeability to a whole new level.


This is another another fantastic cryptocurrency game from the Canadian developer Dapper Labs, in which you can gather, breed, and trade virtual cats for real money. You may experiment with outbreeding different breeds of cats to see what happens. Your animal buddies are cute, and the game’s overall design is gorgeous.

However, it has received conflicting reviews from individuals all across the world, so it is difficult to say whether it lived up to expectations.

Axie Infinity

For all of you Pokemon fans out there, Axie Infinity may be the perfect option for you if you want to make some money while keeping connected to your beloved Pokemon. This game is largely influenced by the ever-popular Pokemon franchise, in which you acquire and evolve your Axies through fighting with other explorers in a rather similar area.

Each Axie you gather is genetically distinct from the others, and as you go through the universe, you will discover various fighting methods to get the most out of your Axie! What’s the best part? there are no transaction fees! You may expand your empire by collecting these NFT-based digital animals.

Crypto Bomb

While we’re talking about gathering awesome creatures, Crypto Bomb is another another NFT-based creature collecting game highly influenced by the iconic bomberman. This game allows you to compete against other bombers in fierce PVP action. Your objective is to combat other bombers and gather as many Coins as you can.

However, keep an eye on your energy metre at all times since the longer you play, the more energy you consume. When the energy bar runs out, you’ll have to wait a time for it to be restored. You may also use the cash to purchase an in-game residence for faster energy regeneration.


The following game on our list transports us to a Sci-Fi universe rife with violent battles. This is a space-themed role-playing multiplayer strategy game in which you wage battles with other space travellers. These engagements earn you money, which you may use to upgrade your weapons and find safe havens.

In the MetaWars, you may explore, train your armies, and conduct strategic battles to take over land from other players. You can also work with other players to explore the vast galaxy, expanding your army and earning additional MetaWars tokens.


Lightnite is the latest cryptocurrency game that pays you for headshotting your opponents. Users can get a monetary penalty or a monetary reward for every contact with other players in this online multiplayer battle royale game. Lightnite is a great enjoyable game where you may spend your time and walk away with real-world money.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians allows you to put together your ideal squad of “Guardians” to raid dungeons and compete in guilds. This is another fantastic title from the creators of the all-time best crypto game, Gods Unchained. The game is expected to be released in the market in early 2022 and is expected to be a huge success due to the fact that it is being developed by Ubisoft and that the creators have worked with Sandbox to ensure that the game exceeds all expectations.

Idle Cyber

This engaging RPG game combines with a Play-to-earn feature to ensure that players leave with something. Idle Cyber goes a long way in a future when violent cyborgs are attempting to annihilate humanity. You gain tokens while you play the game, which you can subsequently exchange on the in-game NFT marketplace. Idle cyber is still a work in progress but it is only going to get better and we are going to see a lot of new features by the start of 2022 for sure.

Sandbox 3D

The next game on our list is likely to be one of the top crypto games to play in 2021. Sandbox 3D, as the name implies, is a massive sandbox game that allows you to design your own environment, complete with parties, concerts, hangouts, and much more. Consider it similar to Minecraft, but in a more adorable and artistically attractive universe.

You can buy property, build a home, and add as many swimming pools as you like, all with an easy-to-use UI that makes everything drag and drop. Sandbox 3D is not only one of THE Finest crypto games I’ve ever seen, but it’s also one of the best Sandbox games I’ve ever seen.


We understand that not everyone wants to compete with other players in a multiplayer competitive game or spend hours building buildings and mansions in a sandbox game, which is why we added Splinterlands, a free-to-play card game.

This strategic card game is a lot of fun to play, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to get your hands on some rare cards that are worth a lot of money! Collect rare cards and then sell them for cryptocurrencies to make a tidy profit while having a great time!


Crypto-gaming has undoubtedly expanded like wildfire, with many fantastic games where you can have fun while generating a passive income for other purposes, some of which are evolving from traditional games available on Gamecamp. Crypto games are gradually becoming more prevalent as more and more producers seize this wonderful chance to dominate the relatively new world of gaming!


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